The Building and Construction Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 1991 (the Act) provides for long service leave payments for workers in the Queensland building and construction industry, regardless of whether they work on different projects for one or more employers.

QLeave is the trading name of the Building and Construction Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Authority, established to administer the portable long service leave scheme.

Employers must register with QLeave and advise when they start and end workers’ employment. At the end of each financial year QLeave provides employers with a list of their registered workers. The employer must check the list, provide details of employment periods and return it to QLeave.

A Long Service Leave Statement (previously known as a Notice of Service), listing periods of employment, is then provided to all registered workers. Workers are advised to check their statements and contact their employer/s if any service is missing.

A worker can make a claim to QLeave for long service leave after 10 years recorded service or after seven years membership with at least 1,155 service credits for a worker who has permanently stopped working in the industry.

There is no cost for employers or workers to be registered with QLeave. The Scheme is funded by a levy on all building and construction work performed in Queensland, where the total cost of work is $150,000 (excluding GST) or more.

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Last modified: October 2017