Annual Long Service Leave Statement

In October of each year, QLeave makes available a Long Service Leave Statement (previously known as a Notice of Service) to all registered workers.

This statement shows the work you have recorded for the previous financial year and the number of service credits you have earned towards your long service leave entitlement. A maximum of 220 days/service credits can be accrued per financial year. One service credit equals one day worked.

Please watch the video below for a guide to viewing your online Long Service Leave Statement

If you do not select to receive your statement online, in October you will receive your statement by mail
Either as an orange statement if you have a claim entitlement or a blue statement if you do not have an entitlement.

Checking your statement
Please check your statement carefully to make sure that the work you have performed is recorded correctly. If there are any errors or omissions, please contact your employer/s and advise them to supply the amended details to QLeave. Click here for more information on missing service.

How to make a claim
If you have a long service leave entitlement, you can make a claim online. It is not compulsory that you make a claim and if you are still performing eligible building and construction work you can choose to keep building your entitlement and make a claim in the future.

More information on long service leave claims is available by clicking here.

View up-to-date information online anytime
You can view your service record and how close you are to taking long service leave at anytime online. Click here to view your service record online.
A guide to viewing your long service leave record online, is available by clicking here.

Last modified: October 2017